Hale Ipu Gourd Baskets Wahine Series - A Unique Gift for A Unique Person

The Wahine Series are Bottle Gourds designed as bowls, baskets, containers, arrangements and other usage. The Bottle gourd was chosen because of its feminine shape and “Wahine” or female, qualities like slim posture with long neck, composure, and elegance like a Queen.

The top is decorated with ruffias and braided to give its sophistication look and a touch of class. It’s natural color and qualities are preserved with glaze coating for added protection, high luster, durability, longer life, and easier maintenance. It can be cleaned and washed with soap and water.

The Wahine Series comes with a Koa or Natural local wooden base


Made To Order. Takes about 2-3 weeks after order is placed.

Available in other Large Sizes, Extra Large Sizes, & Custom Orders


Price is for Large 12"  and up.

Large 12" w/Koa wood ...$325                      w/natural local wood ...$275

Large 13" w/ Koa wood...$375                       w/natural local wood ...$325