Customized services for your special event or memorable function needs.

Give something unique, no one will ever have except for that unique special person.

                                           A Unique gift for A Unique Person.


We offer customized request for that special person according to your idea and our limitations. We made a request for a special urns for their loved ones. We did a grandmas special treat for her girl's baby shower theme Winnie the Pooh. A father's request for his boy's special birthday a wearable ikaika warrior helmet. Any idea let us know. We can all discuss it with our creative group. 



For your business functions and special events. Let us handle everything and leave all the worries with our Event Planner. Discuss your plans and budget and we'll create it.



Why spend a lot on buying to look simply elegant when you can rent..... Why worry about traditional center pieces giveaways limited budget when you can rent.. Use the extra money for extra menus for the guests or more stuffs...the Bride needs... We do weddings, graduations, birthdays, baptismal, retirements, works with event planners,  organizations events, business functions, and conventions.

Anything in mind?.. We will work closely with you within our means to meet  your  satisfaction and needs and according to your budget.

For that Unique memorable experience.