Message on a Driftwood

MOAD. Hale Ipu's new creation.

A collection of unique driftwood art individually handpicked and groomed to a simple and elegant work of art. An innovative natural beauty.

Consists of:

Message on a Driftwood (MOAD) - Instead of a card, why not give a unique personalized message to that special person as a gift or as a simple token of appreciation. Each piece is one of kind and individually selected due to its unique character.

MOAD1- Driftwood Message Board. A unique way of giving a message.

MOAD2 - Driftwood Message board with pond. A unique way of showing favorite pictures.

MOAD3  - Driftftwood message board with ipu. A fusion of multicultural influence makes this unique natural beauty one of a kind. A touch of elegance and a touch of culture.

 MOAD4 - Driftwood message board with ipu and pond.

MOAD5 - Driftwood message board with ipu and water features.


The Process:

The driftwoods are individually selected according to its unique character and what the artisan envision. All driftwoods are picked from the beach that has been soaking in the water and washed ashore. It is then washed and soaked in a chlorine solution for at least a week to disinfect and eliminate any critters or germs. The driftwood is then individually cleaned with a brush and sanded and later soaked again with water for 3 days and left out to dry under the sun.

The gourds are cleaned and process the same way as all the other gourd products.


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