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 Aloha      e komo mai

Welcome and Mahalo for your interest in our products. Hale Ipu or House of Gourds creates unique and original functional gourds in all sizes and forms. Each one are individually handcrafted and designed according to its character and personality. We only use premium high quality gourds and materials. Made in Hawaii on the beautiful Big Island.. A Unique Gift for A Unique Person.

Gourds are grown as a vegetable and as a fruit. They  have been used for thousands of years ago as food and many useful things in many cultures. They have been used as storage containers, music instruments, carrying devices, helmets and masks, scoopers, utensils, pipes, large bowls and bottles for liquids and other creations that is useful to man.

Today, although it is still used as musical instruments and containers for ceremonial purposes, most gourds are used as beautiful centerpieces and decorated bird houses.

Hale Ipu's mission is to bring back the gourd and  create new innovations that is multi functional for the homes and many other places. To be self sustainable.

 Hale Ipu's products are one of a kind  and Made to Order. We accept most Customized request. If you have something in mind for your next event or Special Occasion, let us know and we'll create a unique gourd art to your specification. We will work personally with you and we can give you some ideas or suggestions until you are completely satisfied before we start production.

We also have products already made and available for purchase. Please check out our Product Collection for availability.

We also provide our creations For Rent to any special occasion or event. Check out our Services for more detail.

Here are some of the types of ipus we use for our creation.





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